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Driven by a passion for environmental responsibility, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint at every stage of production. Grounded in sustainability, this principle shapes every product we curate, from the simple everyday pieces of Arcus to the eco-conscious vegan leather bags crafted by HVISK. Our dedication to enduring design and mindful choices underscores a commitment to crafting products that aligns with purpose and integrity.

Bringing designer bags to more than 400 retailers

We are driven by a perpetual quest for improvement, constant exploration, and ongoing development. Our mission is to pave the way for a brighter tomorrow through our commitment to innovation and creativity.


In 2017, HVISK emerged as a frontrunner, introducing recycled bags made from vegan leather. Our initial aim was clear: to establish an affordable, distinctive and sustainable brand.

Motivated by the need to challenge the status quo of big brands charging exorbitantly for inferior quality products while disregarding environmental impacts, we drew inspiration from HVISK to birth ARCUS in 2024.

Together, they unite under a shared vision: crafting enduring garments from sustainable origins, accessible to all.

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Responsibility is a journey of continuous growth and evolution. At Bay of Brands we embrace this journey wholeheartedly.

At the heart of our products lies recycled materials, guaranteeing traceability and transparency. Additionally, we proudly maintain PETA certification, solidifying our pledge to abstain from using leather in our creations

Every step we take, every decision we make, is guided by the belief that we can make a difference.

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B2B wholesaling

At Bay of Brands, our commitment to timeless style extends beyond our own collections. We believe in sharing our passion for classic and versatile fashion with a broader audience.

As part of our strategic vision, we actively engage in wholesaling partnerships with more than 400 active retailers in 18 main markets.

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